Project Description


I build a girl initiative Nigeria, supports the Youth-led movement for girls right, economic empowerment and gender equality and leadership for girls.

Girls are powerful when they are healthy, educated and safe, they transform their communities therefore, we promote and provide a platform for the global movement of the social, political, and economical revolution to the breakdown barriers that hold the justice, girl right to education, economic empowerment and equality to girls in the society.

When girls stand up for girls in need and build, they empower each other and transform our world. Girls have the potentials and power to transform their lives and build a better future for themselves, but this is clamped down by poverty, discrimination, violence and lack of social awareness. Those mostly affected are girls.

I build a girl initiative engages girls to take actions by partnering with advocates, local and international organisations raising awareness and funds to the root cause of problems the girls faced in their communities.

This initiative is aimed at reaching out to girls in rural and urban  settlements through core programs that  has been designed to build and impact in these girls.


I BUILD A GIRL INITIATIVE in the aspect of how we could impact in these girls , have  identified the following four areas for support.

  • HEALTH: Build a platform to ensure adequate and proper health care services and easy access
  • EDUCATION: Set up programs to enable these girls go to school and sustain their stay in school.
  • ENTERPRENUERSHIP/SKILL AQUISITION: Providing them the skill to empower them

LEADERSHIP: Ensure access to skills-building workshop and opportunity creating forums and seminars on leadership.