Education is the bedrock of a nation, education enlightens and broaden the mind of people, without education, there will be no nation.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela.

All children, no matter where they live or what their circumstances, have the right to quality education. Greater lumen Foundation in Nigeria supports children so they can attend school and learn. In Nigeria, about 13.5 million children are not in school even . Make Donations today and sponsor a child. Donations are used to fund programs that makes free writing materials available, rebuild classrooms , feed the most vulnerable kids and support competitions that ignites and sustain passion for study.

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This is a special need we have identified as a higher number of pupils and student skip or stop coming entirely (out of school) because of hunger. The government feeding program cater for lunch within the school, but greater lumen foundation goes to their door step. Most school children in the rural areas walk long distances to get to school, breakfast is still a challenge for many country. Food is a basic need of man, especially children.


For kids to be able to learn and have full concentration in classroom ,  they have to eat. Most vulnerable kids eventually drop out of schools and sometimes become victims of child labor.

We work with school authorities within rural and urban communities, we collect data that enable us identify vulnerable kids

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Educate a girl, refines a nation. The future is female. Greater lumen foundation runs a strong advocacy program aimed at the increasing of number of girls educated in Nigeria.

There is an extreme education exclusion in Nigeria with over 6.5 million girls recorded as being out of schools, according UNESCO statistics cited by the British council: Girls education in Nigeria, report 2017 moreover, 40% of women in the country have never attended.

The reason why young girls don’t attend schools are multiple and includes, poverty, early marriage, teenage pregnancy and inadequate infrastructure.

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It’s a hassle providing education in very rural areas in the northeast which is a negative effect of terrorism on the region. In north western states 29th percent and 35percent of Muslim children especially, receive Qur’anic education, which does not include basic skills such as literacy and numeracy. Nigeria government considers attending such schools to be officially out of school.

Program will encourage, and motivate them to remain in school, while finding learning to be interesting

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With an urge of transforming lives, we are on a mission. We are The Greater Lumen Foundation.

With rising insensitivity and growing poverty among the masses, one has to be a litmus to provoke a change. A change for the betterment of living standards among the unprivileged class. Alone we may falter in the pursuit because the journey may be long and tiring. So holding hands and uplifting our spirits we have to stand together in unison, showing the world that we care for our less privileged brothers and sisters. The initiative taken today will define our world tomorrow, a place where we always dream to be happier.

Our Causes


Our endeavor is to work for the leading issues in the society. We make sure that the efforts we put in reaches out to the various sections of the society.